Recovery nutrition

It really is time I started using this blog. I’ve been meaning to for ages…

I’ve started subscribing to Peak Performance, a research newsletter covering stamina, strength and fitness. There’s an article this month about why getting the right sort of nutrition inside you after a hard effort helps you not only recover better but can prevent the effects of overtraining. They’re saying that it looks like after a really hard session it helps to have some protein as well as carbs in that crucial first 30 mins after your session’s ended. What they didn’t say was what sort of proportions might be useful. I think getting the nutrition right makes such a difference during a heavy training period but I usually only really think about it in a major way after a long run when I def get the protein in as well as carbs. And if I’m having a rest day the next day I’ve not worried too much. But I’ll remember from now on to take something to the track with me, too, and the same for after tempo sessions.

Must remember to do the same for my son Jack. Getting the balance right with growing teenagers who train is another story…

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