Back to a bit of speed training

Well, shock horror – I’ve been doing some quality running sessions!  I’ve never been a fast runner – especially when I compare myself to my esteemed club mates at Winchester & District AC – but whatever speed I ever had from training for marathons has gone, since I’ve been training for ironman races.  And yes, you do do speed training for marathons!

Anyway, after about six weeks off to recover from Ironman Regensberg in August, I’ve been putting in some effort to run harder over shorter distances rather than constantly churning out long slow runs.

And it’s started to work I think. I did the Solent Half Marathon yesterday and did my fastest time for a couple of years… although it’s still a time I’d have been horrified at three years ago.  It wasn’t a completely flat course and I felt fairly comfy all the way round so the ‘good’ result has encouraged me to keep up the shorter, sharper stuff to see if I can do a half decent effort at the Lordshill 10 mile race next month.  I might even dip my toe into the muddy waters of cross country racing…  now that’s really great training all round.

So far I’ve done a couple of hill sessions at Farleigh Mount, a couple of  tempo pyramids  (a continuous pyramid of jog, steady, threshold, steady, then jog) and a couple of threshold sessions.    It’s quite nice going out and knowing that the payback for working hard is getting back home earlier.

My next challenge is to try to make my training a bit more efficient and see if, over the winter, I might be able to participate in the sessions I coach on a Tuesday night.  They’re tough, but all on grass which means my knee will have half a chance of behaving itself.  But it means I can’t offer the same level of coaching to club members if I’m running rather than timing and encouraging.  We’ll see.

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