Beware of the caffeine

Caffeine and trainingLast week I’d been looking forward to rewarding my arrival at the end of my training week with a frothy coffee at Cafe Nero.  It was Friday morning, I’d done a good, long swim and had the luxury of a rest day on Saturday before a race on Sunday.

The coffee was nectar and, well, I had a second one.  (I really know how to live, don’t I?) Hmmmm. I didn’t quite finish the second one, but I must have been caffeined up good and proper because that night I couldn’t get to sleep. At all. I even decamped to the spare room for total silence, but really didn’t drop off until about 2.30am. And then I kept waking up.

So I probably ruined my rarer-than-hens’-teeth, longed-for, deep, post-training sleep and lie in combination by having a second coffee.

I’ve weaned myself off caffeine a bit over the last few months. I’ve found some good decaff (Lavazza blue label) which still gives that glorious coffee hit and feel but without the shakes and sleep probs.  Silly me for not ordering de-caff at Nero…

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