Calling all runners in Winchester!

Just in case you’re reading this and you live in or around Winchester, you might be interested in this.

I’m an endurance running coach at Winchester & District AC (WADAC) and we’re about to make a real effort to attract a broader range of runners to the club. We want to make sure everyone feels they have a place there – whether they’re beginners or if running for 30 mins is their limit.

The great thing about being part of a club is the camaraderie (and WADAC’s very good at camaraderie!).  It’s wonderful having someone to run with around the dark streets in the winter or over the downs on a balmy summer evening. If you enter races it’s lovely to travel there with friends or at least see some friendly faces on the start line. And if you’re wavering about whether to go out for a run at all, knowing that you’ll see your friends there or not wanting to let any of your friends down, is a great motivator. And we all feel better after a run however rubbish we felt before!

We have some amazing runners that help us to win local cross country and road running leagues.  We’ve got national and international team members. But there’s lots of room for ‘normal’ runners who just want some company or new routes to run… and if they eventually decide they’d like to train more seriously or do a 10k or half marathon… or a marathon… they’ll be in the right place for lots of help along the way.

So – if you know anyone who runs a bit and who you suspect might like to run a bit more … tell them to email me.  We’ll make sure they’re looked after.

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