Getting stung by jellyfish – all essential part of Channel training

I can’t think why I haven’t mentioned this before.  The Channel has jellyfish.  We will get stung. So our glorious leader, Dee Seabrook has found us a lake full of the things where we can practice swimming (wo)manfully on while being stung.

My latest 220 Triathlon blog explains.

A tropical day at the Cold Water Swimming Championships


Last weekend I competed at the Cold Water Swimming Championships.  There was so much going on but I could only fit a certain amount in to my latest 220 Triathlon blog.




Poppy day swim – what a difference two weeks makes

Today is Remembrance Day and, fittingly, I will always remember it. I think today will be a turning point in my Channel training story.

Two weeks ago I wrote about how my body and mind responded to a particularly cold swim which knocked my confidence  a bit.  Actually, A Lot.  It also gave me a reality check about how hard swimming through the winter is going to be. 

Feel the fear – do it anyway: the first wintery swim

I have to write all this down now while the memories are fresh. I think if I wait any longer I’ll forget how hard it was.  It’s long so go and get a cup of tea before you start.

Feel the fear, do it anyway is one of my favourite sayings.