How to carb load for a marathon – the latest research

I know this is a bit late for most people (as I write the New York marathon is a few days away) because the long autumn marathon season has all but finished. I’ll revisit the topic next spring.

The nutitional zeitgeist at the moment seems to be directing us towards eating fewer carbs and more protein so that our carb: protein:fat ratio is 40:30:30. 

Ironman nutrition update: I might have got it right at last

A huge part of ironman racing – or any ultra endurance event – is nutrition.  If you can’t fuel yourself properly during the race either you won’t complete it or you’ll be in a bad way once you do finish.  Unfortunately, despite doing all the ‘right’ things during training for all three of the iron distance events I’ve done, 

Post-race recovery – don’t rush it

I’ve talked about post-race recovery before, and how important it is not to rush it if we’re to avoid over-training problems.

At the moment, one week on from The Outlaw, my biggest problem is now not to continue to eat huge amounts as if I was still training 20 hours a week…


If only all races could be like this… Ironman 70.3 Majorca

It’s O-6 (Outlaw minus 6 days) and I’m trying to remain calm and relaxed in the run up to the Outlaw iron distance tri this coming Sunday.  One of the things I find useful is to think back over all the training and races I’ve done in the build up, to help cement in my mind how much work I’ve done to get me to this point. 

Countdown to a spring marathon – ten ways to keep on the right side of injury

Spring marathon season is upon us.  As I write it’s Rome tomorrow, four weeks Paris and Rotterdam, five weeks from London and six from Manchester.

Judging by the legs and the stories of a  few of my massage clients recently, people are definitely at the tricky stage of marathon training when you’re on that knife edge between being in the form of your life…

A glimpse at the life of a full time athlete

Earlier this month I did a week’s training camp in Lanzarote.  What an eye opener. And what a great week!

It was a triathlon/running camp organised by Martin Yelling, Liz Yelling and Ian Corless.  Liz obviously focussed on running (she’s in her pre-London phase so was training hard, herself), Martin and Ian focussed on the bike with the help of pro ironman triathlete Joel Jameson,