Post-race recovery – don’t rush it

I’ve talked about post-race recovery before, and how important it is not to rush it if we’re to avoid over-training problems.

At the moment, one week on from The Outlaw, my biggest problem is now not to continue to eat huge amounts as if I was still training 20 hours a week…


More lessons from Lanzarote – peaking and getting greedy

On the training camp we had a couple of lecture/Q&A sessions. One focussed on periodisation and peaking properly for a handful of specific targetted races during the year rather than bumbling along without any focus, never really switching off the effort but also never really giving one or two races your full attention to get a really cracking result.

A glimpse at the life of a full time athlete

Earlier this month I did a week’s training camp in Lanzarote.  What an eye opener. And what a great week!

It was a triathlon/running camp organised by Martin Yelling, Liz Yelling and Ian Corless.  Liz obviously focussed on running (she’s in her pre-London phase so was training hard, herself), Martin and Ian focussed on the bike with the help of pro ironman triathlete Joel Jameson,