Swim, swim, run, run: Brighton marathon training still on track

Looking back at my blogs you could get the impression that all I’d done lately was swim.  I’ve been doing lots of swimming, yes, but I’m still training hard for my marathon come back at Brighton next month.

In my last running-related blog I was hoping four quality runs a week would give me  the training I needed while keeping my knees happy and more or less pain-free. 

Recovery: why does it take so long? Part 1

Massage clients and members of WADAC (Winchester & District AC, where I’m a coach) will know that I’m very keen on recovery – enough of it and the right kind.

Many a WADAC runner has been told off (sorry chaps!) for turning up to a club track session too soon after running a race hard. 

Ironman nutrition update: I might have got it right at last

A huge part of ironman racing – or any ultra endurance event – is nutrition.  If you can’t fuel yourself properly during the race either you won’t complete it or you’ll be in a bad way once you do finish.  Unfortunately, despite doing all the ‘right’ things during training for all three of the iron distance events I’ve done, 

Post-race recovery – don’t rush it

I’ve talked about post-race recovery before, and how important it is not to rush it if we’re to avoid over-training problems.

At the moment, one week on from The Outlaw, my biggest problem is now not to continue to eat huge amounts as if I was still training 20 hours a week…


Taper time… the countdown to Outlaw 2012

Well it’s ten days to Outlaw – my iron-distance  A-race this year.  In some ways the time’s gone quickly (I’ve been training specifically since new year) yet in others the time has dragged and I feel I’ve been ready to race for a few weeks. If I’m honest, I have even felt a little bit bored with it all at times.

Outlaw update

This year my third (and final, for the time being) ironman distance triathlon is the Outlaw in Nottingham on July 1st.  I’m in week 17 of a 26 week programme, and working hard.

Training’s going well.  The only blip was a horrid virus that had me off training for the best part of a week in February,

Countdown to a spring marathon – ten ways to keep on the right side of injury

Spring marathon season is upon us.  As I write it’s Rome tomorrow, four weeks Paris and Rotterdam, five weeks from London and six from Manchester.

Judging by the legs and the stories of a  few of my massage clients recently, people are definitely at the tricky stage of marathon training when you’re on that knife edge between being in the form of your life…

More lessons from Lanzarote – peaking and getting greedy

On the training camp we had a couple of lecture/Q&A sessions. One focussed on periodisation and peaking properly for a handful of specific targetted races during the year rather than bumbling along without any focus, never really switching off the effort but also never really giving one or two races your full attention to get a really cracking result.