Learnings from Lanzarote – the power of the mind

I had to work bloody hard on the bike in Lanzarote, which was really good for me. I think to be a good cyclist you need to like pain – or at least to be able to hurt yourself for extended periods of time. And I don’t do pain.

But I’ve been doing Audiofuel’s Chrissie Wellington bike work outs recently.

Back from Lanzarote – ready for more work!

I’ve just returned from a training camp in Lanzarote. Organised by Ian Corless of RunWildRunFree and Martin Yelling of Yelling Performance, it was a friendly, small-scale camp for runners and triathletes of all levels, based at the famous Club La Santa.

One thing that made it particularly good this year (apart from the hotter weather which meant lounging round the pool was an option to even out the silly tan lines) was that loads of people that were there last year returned this year which gave it an even more holiday-like feel.

A glimpse at the life of a full time athlete

Earlier this month I did a week’s training camp in Lanzarote.  What an eye opener. And what a great week!

It was a triathlon/running camp organised by Martin Yelling, Liz Yelling and Ian Corless.  Liz obviously focussed on running (she’s in her pre-London phase so was training hard, herself), Martin and Ian focussed on the bike with the help of pro ironman triathlete Joel Jameson,