Feeling lucky…

I came off my bike on Sunday.

It was 60 miles into a 75 mile sportive. I was going slowish, on the flat, and luckly no one around me, either on a bike or in a vehicle.  I caught a pothole at the edge of the road (I think). I don’t know if I managed to try to do anything about it or not because I was on the ground so quickly I don’t even remember falling.

I felt ok, had a quick look behind to see if I was about to be run over then realised my elbow and hip/thigh hurt a lot and my jersey and glove were torn.

To cut a long story short I got back to my car with some road rash and swelling on the flat part of my forearm near my elbow and what I think is slightly more ominous soreness and swelling to my vastus lateralis (outside quad muscle) – but no obvious bruising – or very little anyway.  I think it’s a bit ominous because what it looks like doesn’t seem to warrant the amount of pain it gives.

I’m feeling lucky because

  • I’m not seriously hurt
  • my bike’s not hurt at all
  • I didn’t pull down anyone else with me
  • there was no traffic about
  • I could so easily have injured myself so much more badly – imagine if the angle of my arm had been different. I might have broken a wrist, collar bone or elbow. Doesn’t bear thinking about.  Any of those things would make massaging difficult – and could have been the end of my ironman
  • I’m on an easy week this week after a block of heavy training so I can be nice to myself and make sure there’s no real damage to my quad.

So I think I’ve got away with it!

But it made me think.  We are on a knife edge sometimes with our training, balancing between fit and fabulous and injured and fed up.  All we can do is be sensible, take all the precautions we can, then celebrate our health and achievement.  It’s easy to have a moan and feel sorry for ourselves when we’re injured or are worried about a niggle, but we forget to revel in our health and strength when all’s well.  So sorry if I’m going all Pollyanna on you – but I’m going to remember to count my training blessings a bit more often.



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