Gotta love a run in the snow… and a swim

The two times I’ve been down to the sea this week it was in the hope it might snow while I was down there. Obviously it would be exciting to swim in the sea while it’s snowing, but it’s also the ultimate way to demonstrate in a photo that we really are swimming in winter.

Sadly my snowy sea swims weren’t to be, but a few brave friends from the Seabrook Seals who live in Boscombe managed it this morning!

As you can see the sea state was pretty fierce but my fearless friends leaped in with no trouble.  Apparently they had ice on their faces when they came out and were battered by high speed sleet as they ran up the beach.

Meanwhile, I went for a fabulous run in the snow – my favourite kind of run – breaking fresh tracks and enjoying the silence.

Then I still wanted to join my Seal colleagues in spirit so I did a spot of my own cold weather swim training…

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