It’s that marathon time of year again…

london-marathonI’m starting to see a build up of new clients who are training for spring marathons.  Typically, a marathon training programme for a spring marathon will start around Christmas so, now that it’s mid-Feb, people have got a good six to eight weeks of training behind them… and the legs are starting to feel it.

It’s essential that we look after our bodies when you’re in heavy training, even if we’re coping with it all well at the moment.  So that means, good nutrition, lots of sleep (the most under-rated training tool), stretching after every run (yes, every run!), light training days between heavy days and, shock horror, days with no running at all.

Sports massage can help keep your muscles in good health and help nip potential over-use injuries in the bud.  And supple, healthy muscles tend not to get damaged as easily as tight, knotty, tired muscles.

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