Learnings from Lanzarote – the power of the mind

I had to work bloody hard on the bike in Lanzarote, which was really good for me. I think to be a good cyclist you need to like pain – or at least to be able to hurt yourself for extended periods of time. And I don’t do pain.

But I’ve been doing Audiofuel’s Chrissie Wellington bike work outs recently. And one of the things Chrissie tells you while you’re doing a 10 minute interval at 92rpm is “understand that your limits may not be where you think they are”. So I decided to stop looking at my heart rate monitor and panicking when I saw it climb towards my maximum heart rate. I didn’t die. And I felt totally exhilerated afterwards.

So when I ran the Salisbury 10 mile race a few days after I got back from Lanzarote I decided I’d put all that into practice. I didn’t set out to bust a gut, but I did want to finish feeling that I’d worked. I think I often give myself the excuse of not running hard because “I don’t do any hard running sessions for Ironman” and “all my races are just training runs”.

Again – I didn’t die. I didn’t look at my Garmin, just ran to feel, but made sure I was working comfortably hard all the way round. And when I wanted to slow down I let Chrissie tell me my limits might not be where I thought they were. I stayed in the moment and concentrated on relaxing and keeping good form.

Thankfully I got a 3 minute PB which I’m really chuffed about. It’s made me really excited about continuing to train hard. Man suit well and truly zipped up.

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