Olympic fever comes to Kingsworthy… and a glimpse of the medals

The Olympic torch went through Kingsworthy yesterday on its way to Winchester.  I joined a gang of clients who live there who had set up camp in one of their gardens right on the route.  It was perfect – opposite the pub and next to the village shop which was doing a roaring trade in ice creams on what turned out to be a warm, sunny day.

I was surprised at how exciting it was as 13.14 approached; I thought I’d be a bit ambivalent about it all.  Police cars and bikes got the crowds going blowing daft tunes on their sirens, fleets of buses and coaches and vans and bikes came through.  The actual torch was gone in a flash but it was a little bit thrilling to see The Actual Flame.

What was really thrilling  was holding a torch that had been used on Day 4.  Many thanks to Phil Kirkman for arranging for me to pose with it.

My husband also had an Olympic torch-themed day.  He was at a business event  near Reading with the CEO of the Royal Mint who brought in with him the dies for the Olympic medals.  So here you have a mirror-view preview of what the London 2012 medals look like.



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