Seasonal injuries

A few weeks ago I saw a spate of runners with adductor problems. (Adductors are the inner thigh muscles that you use to squeeze your legs together). If I’m honest I can’t explain that particular situation, but some other spates of particular problems are easier to explain.

As I write we’re coming into the cross country season.  After a summer of running on roads in bouncy trainers, people are starting to run more off road and are doing more hill training.  The cross country (uncushioned) spikes are coming out.  It’s been really warm lately but soon many women will be abandonning flip flops and sandals for boots and higher heels.

All these things tend to bring out calf problems.  Running off road, if you haven’t done it for a few months, can mean the muscles that  flex, extend and stabilise the foot (they run down the inside and outside of the calf) start having to work harder as you run over uneven ground.  High heels tend to make your feet supinate so the muscles down the outside of your calf may work overtime as they struggle to keep your foot on an even keel.

A period of heavy rain in the winter makes the ground heavy and a summer drought or even a series of very hard frosts can make the ground hard – these things can affect runners so much.  So there probably is a logical explanation for why I see certain problems cropping up  a lot in a given period.

But I’m still not sure about all those adductors…

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