Sport Relief – if they can do it, we all can!


Have been loving the Sport Relief coverage.  If all those relatively unfit celebs can achieve what they’ve achieved with hardly any training, think what we can achieve if we do train!

The cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End was of particular interest because cycling is all relatively new to me, as it was to the cyclists.  Davina McCall really trained hard in the short period they had to prepare… and, funnily enough, she coped really well.  Good girl!

And Eddie Izzard.  How fantastic was he last year?  Not sure how I’d have felt if he were my client – I’m sure he drove his advisers and sports therapist mad (eating ice cream and drinking on the way round, stocking up on chocolate, running when he was exhausted, sprinting when he was injured) but if I take my coach/massage therapist hat off, I have to say I think he was great.

It really shows how much our amazing bodies can do.  He just dug in and was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to the demons in his head.  We can all learn from Coach Eddie!

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