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Start a conversation about cake culture in your workplace

Discover what people really think with a questionnaire

The best way to find out how your colleagues feel about workplace cake is to ask them. But some people find it easier to share their opinions if they can remain anonymous.  A questionnaire provides a useful way to achieve this so you get the real picture.

We offer two questionnaire options. Both questionnaires are anonymous and confidential so respondents can be confident in saying what they really think. 
  1. Use our free short questionnaire to explore the cake culture and opinions of your colleagues.  You will receive the results in the form of self-explanatory bar charts and percentages to share with colleagues.
  2. Use a full-length version of the questionnaire used for the original office cake research.  You will receive a detailed report containing the results, implications and recommendations for your organisation.  There is a charge for this tailormade service.
For both options, you will receive a bespoke URL for the relevant questionnaire.   You will need to circulate the link to colleagues, via email or intranet, with an explanation. Ask them to complete it within a pre-arranged time frame (a week or two is ideal).  You can boost response rates by reassuring colleagues that the questionnaire is anonymous, confidential and voluntary.  We will give you full guidance to achieve a successful survey.

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