Countdown to a spring marathon – ten ways to keep on the right side of injury

Spring marathon season is upon us.  As I write it’s Rome tomorrow, four weeks Paris and Rotterdam, five weeks from London and six from Manchester.

Judging by the legs and the stories of a  few of my massage clients recently, people are definitely at the tricky stage of marathon training when you’re on that knife edge between being in the form of your life…

Strictly pilates

I’m thrilled that Strictly Come Dancing has started again.  Over the years the sequins have gradually sucked me in to the point where I can’t miss an episode and will even try to watch It Takes Two on weekday evenings at 6.30.

One of the aspects of the programme that fascinates me is the athleticism involved. 

It’s that marathon time of year again…

I’m starting to see a build up of new clients who are training for spring marathons.  Typically, a marathon training programme for a spring marathon will start around Christmas so, now that it’s mid-Feb, people have got a good six to eight weeks of training behind them… and the legs are starting to feel it.