Today was the first day that foam rolling my adductors caused no pain at all – a significant change from the day before the massage and a good advert for  your services 🙂

Ryan Snell, marathon runner

Lou provided excellent massage and advice as part of preparations for my first 100 mile ultramarathon. With her help I was able to train harder and more consistently than ever before and I firmly believe that our regular massage sessions prepared me so that I was able to recover so well after the event. Because Lou is an accomplished endurance athlete herself this really helps her understand her clients’ needs.

Grant Vernon, ultra runner

Thanks for sorting out my shin splints and giving me support and coaching (which I didn’t expect). You are now an intrinsic part of my training regime – as you should be for everyone.

Phil Kirkman, marathon runner

This is definitely working.  I can turn my head easily and no longer support my arm at the end of the day because of the pain.  The ‘lump’ beside my neck is considerably reduced – it’s noticeable even in the mirror and drying my hair is much easier! I’d like to keep working on this to see if it’s possible to clear it altogether.

Liz Wakelin, climber, walker and teacher

Thanks for a great massage yesterday. When I woke this morning it felt like I’d been supplied with a brand new pair of legs.

Cleo Oliver, ultra runner and surgeon

Lou’s pleasant personality exudes friendliness and warmth making you feel welcome yet with adequate professional respectfulness.  As a patient one feels reassured of her care and empathy.  Her conduct as a valuable and efficient therapist cannot be doubted.

Gunnel Berry, chartered physiotherapist

Thank you so much for my session on Monday. Quite apart from feeling much better as a result, I do think you’re amazing in your ability to work out what’s niggling and where. You really are excellent.

Colin La Fontaine Jackson, golfer and lawyer

You amazing, wonderful lady… I am in a state of shock because it seems you may have got to the nub of the matter and I can’t thank you enough.  

Christina Relf, PR consultant

Being a competitive kick boxer and coach, endurance runner and keen kitesurfer, I thought my many aches and pains around my body might prove to be a little daunting! But I was impressed by Lou’s professionalism and confidence.  As Lou worked on me we discussed why I might have recurring problems. I have since looked at my training and coaching methods so as to eliminate these problems in the future.  Thank you Lou for helping me keep my body going so I can do the things I love!

Jamie Bibb, consultant, kick boxer, kitesurfer and runner

I am a tennis coach and often spend a long time performing repetitive actions of feeding a ball to a player. This one-sided action may be contributing to pain in my back.  Lou uses techniques that are both stimulating and relaxing. I feel I am in safe hands with her.

Catherine Perkins, tennis coach

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