Train, recover. Train, recover. Repeat.

Well, I’m well and truly back into ironman training.  This is week 6 of a 30-week programme. At this stage it’s all low intensity endurance work, building up the ability over 10 weeks or so, to swim and bike the full ironman distance (swim 2.4 miles and bike 112 miles).  Running, for me, takes a bit of a back seat.  In fact to do an ironman at my level, full marathon training just isn’t necessary.

This has been brought home to me this week.  I did a 10 mile running  race at the weekend because it’s a great club outing and a hilly, challenging course. I didn’t race it, but used it as a training run, running to a heart rate that kept me firmly aerobic. At no time was I working hard and I had a lovely time. But that evening the tell-tale hammered legs syndrome kicked in and today, two days later, they’re still feeling heavy.

And that’s why you don’t do too much insane run training for ironman! It takes so much out of you that it can impede the rest of your training.

So the focus is fully on getting in the miles at the moment, recovering and resting well between efforts, eating well, then doing it all over again.  It’s a long haul to get to the start line unscathed and fighting fit – so it’s best not to blow it early on.

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