Three reasons rethinking office cake could contribute to the UK’s health (and save the NHS)

Every organisation in the UK can do something (at no cost) to rethink their cake culture. This could have an impact on the UK’s health and consequently the NHS. Oh – and it would probably favourably impact their bottom line, too – but that’s also another blog.

1. People don’t want office cake as often as it’s currently available. In the research, 95% said the ideal frequency for office cake was once a week or less. 41% said once a month was enough. (People do like that cake culture provides a sociable get together, however. But surely we could find other ways to do that that does not involve unhealthy food?!)
2. According to the World Health Organisation, we spend two thirds of our waking hours at work. If the workplace was somewhere it was easy to make healthy choices (fewer opportunities to eat extra sugar and calories for example) it would reduce exposure to tempting unhealthy food. The workplace could become a sanctuary from an environment that contrives to make us fat and ill.
3. In the UK, the workplace gives access to 75% of the population. That’s an opportunity to improve health across the UK’s socio-economic groups, educational levels, industrial sectors, age groups and ethnicities.

So – let’s start a conversation about office cake in Britain’s workplaces. Can employers ask employees how often they actually want cake? If the office cake survey results are representative the whole of the UK, reducing the amount of office cake to improve health will be straightforward.  

And it might make office cake a treat again. And British business, productivity and the NHS might all benefit.