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The research: rethinking office cake offers employers an opportunity

In 2017, Lou conducted the first academic research into office cake culture surveying almost 1000 UK office workers. Here are some key findings:

  • Office cake culture changes employee eating habits and their waistlines so could increase health risk  
  • If cake is available, people eat it
  • People want cake less often than it is currently available. 95% of respondents said the ideal frequency for office cake was once a week or less; 41% said once a month   
  • People value the social, morale-boosting effects of office cake culture but recognise negative consequences such as weight gain, difficulty eating healthily at work and difficulty sticking to a diet.  
  • This data suggests it is feasible to rethink office cake to achieve a healthier, more productive balance between the social benefits and health risks without anyone feeling deprived. 

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