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We need a conversation about office cake culture

Lou's research found that an office cake culture influences people's eating habits and potentially undermines health and wellbeing ROI. Rethinking office cake and other aspects of workplace eating therefore offers a valuable opportunity to increase the health of the workplace environment.  

That 95% of the research respondents thought the ideal frequency for office cake was once a week or less provides a huge opportunity to make this happen.

But raising the subject of workplace cake is daunting. It's an emotive topic and employers are understandably reluctant to risk being seen to be contemplating changes to something that represents pleasure and camaraderie. But reducing office cake has huge potential to make it easier for people to make healthier choices at work.

Use a short questionnaire to discover what people really think

Established culture and workplace norms can make it hard for people to say what they really think about office cake.  

You can encourage people to say what they really think with an short, anonymous questionnaire. The resulting data makes it easier to get the conversation started, especially when the data highlights areas where colleagues agree. 

How does the questionnaire work?
  1. The survey is administered online. It is a multiple choice questionnaire that takes two minutes to complete.
  2. Click the 'Request survey' button below to email Lou to get your survey set up and ask any questions. We will need a start date and a finish date for your survey.
  3. Lou will email you a bespoke URL which you then distribute to colleagues by email, intranet etc, together with an explanation of the survey's rationale and purpose. You can boost response rates by reassuring colleagues the questionnaire is anonymous and confidential. Ask them to complete the survey within the pre-arranged time frame - two weeks is ideal.  
  4. When the survey closes you will receive the results in the form of self-explanatory bar charts and percentages, together with suggestions about how to best use the data.
How much does it cost?
We are in the final stages of piloting the survey so currently there is no charge for the questionnaire or any of the process outlined above.
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