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Low carb/real food info

Red, orange, green food list

Sugar infographics

Dr Unwin's low carb diet sheet

GP surgery low carb website: New Forest

GP surgery low carb website: Aspen

GP surgery low carb website: Freshwell

TedEd Carbohydrate video

Useful website: Diet Doctor

Low carb resources guide

Useful carb counting book

Lou's YouTube channel

Food addiction website

Public Health Collaboration YouTube channel (great videos)

Health Results' "Inner health" resources

Lou's PHCvcon2021 presentation (video)

Low Carb Freshwell's free app

Cookbooks, recipes, meal plans

4 - week meal planners (inc vegetarian & budget

Low Carb Diabetes Cookbook, by Emma Porter

The Reverse your diabetes cookbook, by the Caldesis

Book: Beating diabetes the low carb way, by the Caldesis

Cookbook: Low carb on a budget, by Meechan & Houston

Cookbook: Low carb on a budget, by Meechan & Houston

Diet Doctor recipes (100s!)

Ditch the Carbs recipe index (100s!)

50 low carb vegetables

Podcasts, books and broadcasts about food, health, stress, sleep

BBC Radio 4 The Food Prog: ultraprocessed food & brain health

Book: Glucose Revolution by the "Glucose Goddess"

Book: The Full Diet by Dr Saira Hameed

BBC Radio 4 The Food Prog: ultraprocessed food & brain health

Book: Ultra-processed People by Chris van Tulleken

Podcast: The ZOE Science & Nutrition Podcast

BBC Radio 4 The Food Prog: fixing Dan

Book: Why We Eat (Too Much) by Andrew Jenkinson

Book: Food for Life by Tim Spector

Book: A Statin-Free Life by Aseem Malhotra

Book: The Stress Solution by Rangan Chatterjee

Book: Breath - the new science of a lost art by James Nestor

Video (30 mins): James Nestor/Rangan Chatterjee on breathing

Video (2 mins): Andrew Huberman: the psychological sigh

Book: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Book: The PCOS Plan by Nadia Pateguana & Jason Fung

TV: BBC Panorama: Ultra-processed food - a recipe for ill health?

Video: Cholesterol & the low carb/ketogenic lifestyle

Video: Blood tests on a ketogenic diet - what your cholesterol results mean

Research into low carb on weight loss,  heart disease, diabetes

Walker et al, 2021. Low carb on Zoom in general practice for weight loss and improved mental wellbeing

Unwin et al, 2020. Low carb in general practice over six years

Trials comparing low carb with low fat/low calorie diets (summary)

Foley, 2021. Review of low carb diets for diabetes & health

Murdoch et al., 2019. Adapting diabetes medication with low carb diets

What's the evidence behind dietary guidelines on fat?

Saturated fat does not clog the arteries: CHD is an inflammatory condition

Video: Saturated fat myths, by Zoe Harcombe

Real Meal Revolution (scroll down home page)

Lou's PHCvcon2021 presentation (video)

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