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Everyone can be part of boosting workplace health


I speak at conferences, health and wellbeing events and informal lunch & learn-style sessions to motivate and empower everyone to improve multiple aspects of workplace health.

Obesity-related health risk has increased as our food has become more processed, convenient and accessible. My Masters research reveals insights and misconceptions about workplace food culture that impact workplace health; as do lack of sleep, too much stress and physical inactivity. I show how small changes, often spearheaded by employee collaboration, make it easier for everyone to make healthy choices automatically.

Without avoiding some challenging facts, I try to focus on what can be done rather than the problems, to leave audiences feeling optimistic and empowered.

“Lou is a dynamic, engaging speaker who is really engaging and has such a good story to tell, serious subject told in a light-hearted way. You won’t forget listening to Lou.”


C3 Collaborating for Health, 2019

“A great speaker with a great message.”

de Winter Consulting, 2018

“A great presentation… interesting, fun and witty.”

ThoughtWorks, 2018

“Lou’s presentation is honest and informative and I have no doubt her work will make a difference.”

Simplyhealth, 2018

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