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Lou Walker is a certified health coach focusing on workplace health and wellbeing, working with individuals and groups. She is the author of the only academic study on workplace cake culture. 

Lou's collaborative approach helps workplaces develop a healthier environment through enhanced nutrition, physical activity, stress management and social support.


say office cake has contributed to weight gain


think once a week or less is ideal for office cake


thought they would eat less cake if it was out of view

Keeping the workplace environment healthy is a challenge

Many employers invest in measures to protect and enhance employee health and wellbeing. They know a happy, healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

But life today makes it increasingly hard for employees to make healthy choices at work, despite employers’ best intentions. For example a workplace cake culture makes it hard to avoid excess calories and a sedentary role makes it hard to avoid inactivity. Both these, and other lifestyle factors, increase health risk and undermine health and wellbeing investment.

Using techniques developed from her research and other health evidence, Lou gets a conversation going among colleagues to establish openness and buy-in. She helps them to discover areas of consensus and then collaborate to make their environment healthier.  

Successful collaboration in one area, eg reducing snacking or sedentary behaviour, can lead to employee-led collaboration in other areas of workplace health such as stress reduction and increasing physical activity.

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Make cake special again
Try this. Agree a  time to have cake, say, once a week. Store cakes out of sight until that time to stop the impulsive grazing that comes with having them on display all day.  Now cake is a weekly treat when everyone can enjoy the benefits of getting together socially!

Collaboration and empowerment. Lou's talks explain how everyone can be part of boosting workplace health

Lou speaks at conferences, health and wellbeing events, informal lunch & learn-style sessions and top team briefings to motivate and empower everyone to improve multiple aspects of workplace health. 

Obesity-related health risk has increased as our food has become more processed, convenient and accessible. Lou's research reveals insights and misconceptions about workplace food culture that hinder workplace health; as do lack of sleep, too much stress and physical inactivity. She shows how small changes, often spearheaded by employee collaboration, make it easier for everyone to make healthy choices automatically. 

Without avoiding some challenging facts, Lou focuses on what can be done rather than the problems, so her messages leave audiences feeling optimistic and empowered.

"Lou is a dynamic, engaging speaker who is really engaging and has such a good story to tell, serious subject told in a light-hearted way. You won't forget listening to Lou." C3 Collaborating for Health, 2019
 "A great speaker with a great message." de Winter Consulting, 2018
"A great presentation... interesting, fun and witty."  ThoughtWorks, 2018
"Her presentation is honest and informative and I have no doubt her work will make a difference." Simplyhealth, 2018

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A high street problem is moving into the workplace

Energy-dense processed food is available everywhere. And we love it. We're eating outside the home and snacking more than ever which means we're eating more and it's hard to keep track of how much we're eating. 

This clip from BBC1's Britain's Fat Fight shows how our high streets and living environments have become 'obesogenic' (obesity-generating).

Our workplaces are going the same way. Increasingly it's hard to avoid sugary treats and snacks at work, even if that's because of our colleagues' generosity and kindness.

Let's not kill ourselves with kindness. Let's make it easier to stay healthy at work.

Contact Lou to find out how. 
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