Low carb/real food programme

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Low carb/real food programme resources


Lots of resources here that you might find useful for your low carb journey.  Do explore as much as you can

Red, orange, green food list

Dr Unwin's Diet Sheet

Sugar infographics

Low Carb Freshwell 4 - week meal planner

Low carb resources guide

TedEd Carbohydrate video

Useful website: Diet Doctor

Low Carb Diabetes Cookbook

The Reverse your diabetes cookbook

Lou's YouTube channel

Book: Beating diabetes the low carb way

Cookbook: Low carb on a budget

50 low carb vegetables

The Appetite Pendulum

Lou's BMJ Nutrition article on low carb/real food in general practice

Public Health Collaboration YouTube channel (great videos)

Lou's PHCvcon2021 presentation (video)

Dr Unwin's low carb info pack

Wellbeing questionnaire

Progress chart

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