Lou Walker Sports Massage

Qualified sports massage therapist based near Winchester


Sports massage is a range of manipulation and stretch techniques that help maximise the body’s ability to perform,  recover and relax.  You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit.

It will help you to


  • prepare for and recover from the rigours of sports training and competition, whatever your age or level
  • tackle and resolve niggles before they become injuries that prevent you training or working normally
  • optimise recovery from injury eg a sprain or strain, tennis/golfers elbow or other repetetive strain syndrome
  • alleviate back/neck/shoulder problems arising from stress or postural issues
  • keep healthy muscles in top condition and leave you energised and ready for anything.

Massage can’t solve every problem, but it can massively improve things and give your body the best chance possible to deal with what life throws at it.  As a massage therapist I’m commited to doing my best to work out what’s going on and discussing with you the best strategies to help you perform at your best, whether you’re an elite athlete or need your shoulders unravelling after a tense day at work.

email me on lou@louwalker.com

or call me on 07764 189516 to book your appointment.

I am based near Winchester in Swarraton, near Alresford, SO24 9TQ.


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